Talk in Vrads – book publishing event

A new English edition of this book was released on 17 November 2019

This second edition is published by FlowLab which is a publishing house owend by Lisbeth Ejlertsen

On this happy day Lisbeth gave a talk, which one of the participants commented in this way:

“In 2019 I attended Lisbeth’s talk “Is life preordained?
The talk was very authentic and inspiring and Lisbeth succeeded with her magical imagery in taking us with her on her exciting spiritual journey via India. Lisbeth is very warm-hearted and honest and extremely good at involving the audience in her tales. She also shares good tips and tools to fortify our own spiritual journeys. I can warmly recommend going to Lisbeth Ejlerten’s talk. I have been to several of her talks and each time I came away with new inspiration.” 

Lene Sørensen, Denmark