Palm leaf astrology

A life story on an old palm leaf

Imagine that you are somewhere in India in a village far off the beaten track. You’re sitting at a desk opposite an Indian who is suddenly reading your name and your life story from a palm leaf which he claims is about two thousand years old – and that the only information he had about you when you came was your thumb print on a piece of paper …

That was what happened in 1994 when I had travelled to India to search for answers to some of life’s big questions: Why are we here? What is the meaning of life? Do we control our lives ourselves – or is our fate pre-determined? Is everything possible?

The experience of having my palm leaf read was completely overwhelming and pervasive … How could it have been foreseen approximately two thousand years ago that I would be born at the specified time and that my life would be as described on the leaf?

Although the palm leaf visit had shaken me to the core – in my fundamental view of what reality is – at the same time I was filled with great gratitude for having had this experience.

Right from the start I felt a deep obligation to share the experience with the western world – such an experience only happens to the few who, like me, choose to visit a palm leaf office in India. By sharing my story I would make it possible for others to see a little of what lies beyond the framework of what we believe is possible. 

My reflections became the start of this book which today contains many other things about my journey to India, life and its various facets.

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