New questions

My meetings in India in 1994 with the four different gurus left me with a number of questions concerning spiritual development:

  • Is it necessary to have a Master in order to develop spiritually?
  • Why is it important to have just one Master in order to reach the spiritual goal?
  • How can you find your Master and how do you choose the “right one” among the many?
  • Is it necessary to meditate in order to develop spiritually?
  • What is the difference between “the mind” and “the Self”” in us human beings?
  • How does a Master describe the divine state?
  • What is the fastest way to reach the spiritual goal?
  • Why is the meditation system Sahaj Marg something quite special?

These were the questions whose answers I sought with the new guru, Chariji, whom I met in Denmark in 1995.

He was the source of the transmission from which I had greatly benefitted by receiving it during a period before our meeting. The transmission gave me calm and a deeper contact with my heart. When my feelings were in turmoil, the transmission also helped to pour oil on the troubled waters.

The transmission had become like manna for my heart, manna of which my heart only yearned to receive more. But I realised that I would only continue along this path if Chariji – the Master for this system – lived up to my expectations from a Master …