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Where do you find happiness and the truth in life?

In 1994, curiosity and the urge for adventure brought Lisbeth Ejlertsen to India where she carried these questions in her heart:

  • Does life have a purpose?
  • Is there a way to eternal happiness?
  • Is our fate predestined?

She wanted to search for the answer to the mystery of life with spiritual teachers and palm leaf astrologers in the country that has given pride of place to spirituality for centuries.

It is said of the gurus that they have access to special levels in the universe, and the centuries’ old palm leaf archives are believed to hold predictions about the life courses of human beings. Could the mystery of life and Lisbeth’s destiny be written in higher realms or on approximately 2000 year old palm leaves …?

You will gain insight into the wisdom of the oldest scriptures in the world, the Vedas, into spiritual concepts and into Lisbeth’s surprising and overwhelming experiences, which a Western approach to life cannot explain.

On her spiritual course up until 2017, you will meet Heartfulness – a unique way of accessing the heart which unites people and helps each individual to find inner tranquillity and balance.

Would you like to go with her out into world and into the heart?