Audio recording from my session

When I visited the palm leaf astrologer back in 1994 I recorded the whole session with an audio recorder I had brought with me.

You can hear a part of my session by activating the link at the bottom of this page.

Before you listen to the excerpt, I would like to introduce you to the setting around this session where the following people were present:

  • One employee who reads out loud different information from the palm leaf in the Indian language Tamil in which it is written there
  • Another employee who translates from this language to English
  • An Indian gentleman who also had come to have his palm leaf read

I met the Indian gentleman and his friend already when I arrived at the office of this palm leaf astrologer. We started talking and he was kind enough to offer me the opportunity to be present when he had his palm leaf read. In this way I was prepared for what to expect when it was my turn. I was very grateful for the presence of this Indian gentleman since he helped me to understand the information. There were many times that I could not understand the translated information from the employee, because he spoke so fast.

Besides those people present in the office where my palm leaf was read, there were other customers who had their palm leaves read in other rooms. This is why there is also some noise in the background.

In the following excerpt – which is about seven minutes long – you will hear information from “my” palm leaf about:

  • My character
  • My siblings – how many brothers and sisters I have
  • My name and the names of my parents
  • The fact that the palm leaf will only be accessible when one has reached exactly the age which is written there

Regarding age, there is a difference between the Indian way of counting one’s age and the western way. In India they are a year “ahead” in the sense that a newborn child in India is already one year of age when it is born. In the west, the age of a new born child is zero years until it has lived for one year – not until its birthday after having lived one year does it achieve the age of one. This difference caused some confusion on my part during the session which is also on this excerpt. At the time I regarded myself as being 32 of age, whereas I was regarded as being 33 years old according to the Indian method of counting age.

The quality is authentic

There is a lot of noise on this excerpt and the noise is authentic. I was also struggling to heare what the employer was saying which only made the situation more stressfull for me. I haven’t modified the excerpt. In this way you can get an impression of how it actually was to be there:

In the book you will get to know much more about the predictions about my life which were written on this palm leaf. I also share how it affected my life to obtain this information at the particular age at which it was predicted I would receive it.