Palm leaf archives

In India there are various so-called palm leaf archives. They contain prepared palm leaves – the “paper” of that time. The palm leaves were engraved with information of various kinds which they wanted to have documented and saved.

Some of the palm leaf archives contain astrological records. Due to the fact that at that time there were several methods of approach to astrology, the content of these archives varies with regard to their content and in the way they are organised.

In those days much of the information on these palm leaves was received by special media via meditation – after they had asked to attain insights and predictions about people and the future.  

In spite of the fact that many of the palm leaves were written approx. 2.000 years ago, some also contain information about people in our time.

In connection with astrology and having your horoscope drawn up – it is normally necessary in the West to state your date of birth: Place, date, year and time. After this the astrologer finds the information which matches people with these data. It can also be done in the same way in India. But there are also other ways to retrieve the information …

The special palm leaf astrologer

The special palm leaf astrologer I visited is special in that his palm leaf archive is organised according to drawings of human thumb prints. Therefore, I only had to make a print of my thumb on a piece of paper upon arrival. I didn’t give my name or any other data about myself …

You will find the name and contact information regarding the astrologer who owns this office inside the book. 

However, it was one of his employees that I was in contact with.

You can hear an excerpt from my session on this page:
Audio recording from my session