Talk in Denmark at a health fair

Review of a talk by Lisbeth Ejlertsen about Heartfulness meditation at a health fair in Aarhus, Denmark, called: 

Body, Mind and Spirit Fair, 6 October 2019

Below you can read extracts from this review:

  • “We are welcomed warm-heartedly with a calm, smiling intensity signalling something deeply relevant based on personal experience. A wish to impart something valuable is felt. All attention is immediately aroused”
  • “… we were given a comprehensive, well-structured and compelling account of Lisbeth’s travels in her youth to the mystery-filled India in her search for a path to spiritual development”
  • “We hear about the path she later comes to follow, Heartfulness meditation, about the master who rediscovered a yogic technique, transmission, that had been lost for millennia”
  • “She explains calmly how Heartfulness meditation has developed her, changed her life and given her the strength to be able to get through several major crises unscathed”
  • “All this was stated with a quiet, smiling seriousness”
  • “Amazing how much valuable information can be shared in such a short period of time, especially considering that it was not just a talk, but a workshop where about half the time was intended for a guided relaxation exercise with subsequent meditation where the above mentioned transmission was performed”
  • “One feels well informed on the subject of meditation. Absolutely a rewarding experience. Presentation at a high, but nevertheless understandable level”

Review by Helge Falk-Kammeyer

The review can be read in full length here